10 Best Weed Strains For Partying

With your friends, great music, cooler full of your favorite drinks, the only thing that can make this party better is some weed. It will enhance your experience and get that party going. But, with so many strains, which one should you grab at the dispensary before hitting up a festival this weekend? There is the social anxiety smashing indicas, dance-floor sativas, to hybrids that are perfect for right in between. These are our choices for the 10 best weed strains for partying.

Our top pick:

1. Girl Scout Cookies

Who doesn’t love girl scout cookies? This strain will keep you positive and uplifted yet calm enough to keep your composure. You can’t go wrong with this strain.

2. Grand Daddy Purple

Grand Daddy Purple is great for small gatherings with friends. This strain delivers a feeling of cerebral euphoria and physical relaxation. Kick back and dive into some deep conversations with this relaxing strain. Great grape and berry aroma.

3. Silver Haze

This full on sativa bud is perfect for the people who party hard. This bud hits hard and will take the party to the next level. This is a great strain and recommended to share with friends.

4. Grapefruit

With a nice citrus aroma this strain has all you need to have you feeling energized for when you want to cut loose. Works as a great pick me up if you aren’t feeling it. This is a great weed strain for partying.

5. Cheese

You need some cheese to go with that wine. You will become the big cheese at the party after pulling this stuff out. Strong weed that will get the party going.

6. Skywalker OG

If you have social anxiety then this is the strain for you. This hybrid strain will ease your nerves and let you float into a great time. Someone you don’t want to see at the party? Smoke some of this.

7. Green Crunch

This weed will creep up on you when the bass drops. Great for sharing with friends and an amazing strain for partying. The smoke on this strain leaves a strong mango aftertast.

8. Flo

This sativa dominant hyrbid will get you feeling right just when you need it. You will get the energizing effects of the sativa but still be able to have a calm demeanor to hold a meaningful conversation.

9. Zeta Sage

This strain reminds me of a cup of coffee. If you need that little push to get you energized and uplifted this strain is great. Highly recommended for those days you don’t want to get out.

10. Northern Lights

A classic strain that you just can’t go wrong with. If you are more of an anxious person, a few puffs of this will have you relaxed and composed quickly.


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