Best New Weed Gadgets On the Market in 2017

For those stoners looking for best new weed gadgets and weed gear this is the place for you. The weed industry is getting bigger every year, so does the demand for products that simplify or make the smoking experience better. There is a lot of useless products out there as well, but there is also these ingenious products that make us proud to be a part of the stoner community.

These are the Best New Weed Gadgets on the Market in 2017

Pax 3

This is the third iteration of Pax Labs’ handheld vaporizer. This vaporizer has been said to be “The iphone of vaporizers” by the NY times. This vaporizer heats up in a mere 20 seconds, then you simply load the chamber with weed or concentrates. Allows you to change the heating settings through the app that you can install on your phone. Great portable vaporizer for 2017.

Grab it from the official Pax site HERE.

The MagicalButter Machine

This MagicalButter Machine makes making cannabutter a breeze. It doesn’t matter what you toss in the machine, buds, trims, shake, leafs, as long as you toss in some butter or oil in with it you will have some high potency cannabutter within 8 hours. There is a lot of cannabutter recipes out there but this machine makes it crazy simple, you can almost forget about it. With this machine you will be making and eating edibles at your own convenience. Great pickup for stoners and one of the best new weed gadgets on the market.

You can get it on Amazon HERE.

The Lean Green Wizard

Love cone joints but hate the time it takes to stuff them? Hate dropping weed stuffing your cone joints? This is the gadget for you. You won’t have to spend a lot to get one of the new weed gadgets of 2017, this is a great value. All it takes is putting the pre-rolled cone joint into the tray and using the wand that is included with it to stuff it in. No mess and no hassle, you will be rolling nice cone joints for that hiking trip or festival in no time. Make sure to check out our Best Grinders to get that weed nice and fluffy for your cone joints.

You can get it on Amazon HERE.

Growbuddy App

The growbuddy app is a free grow companion that helps you plant, nurture, and harvest your personal crop of weed. This app has been around for a bit now, but they have added new features this year that make it worth our while. Growbuddy helps you stop guessing by giving you tailored advice for your personal setup. You can also share your experience and knowledge with thousands of other growers anonymously as part of your journal with the app. Great app to have for cannabis growers.

You can get the app from the official website HERE.

GeniusOne Pipe

This pipe is great for stealthy smokers. Very economical and it gives you about 10 hits out of 1 bowl. This pipe is a lot easier to clean then other pipes and has a great look to it. This pipe comes with a “no cough guarantee”. I recommend this pipe if you want a great looking, easy to clean, easy to use pipe.

You can get it on Amazon HERE.


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