A no tricks treat for Halloween munchies!

When deciding upon a recipe to feature here we wanted to keep in mind that this may be a spur of the moment way to celebrate the occasion. After all, not many plan ahead for the amazing idea of orange marshmallow treats on Halloween!!!



You’ll need to begin of course by creating cannabutter and we have simple instructions for that here.  We like this recipe because it is EASY. Any frills you add are completely up to you and your cabinet/fridge.

*While this is ORANGE it is not pumpkin flavored, mainly because that’s just not everyone’s cup of tea. If you’d like to, you can substitute the marshmallows for a pumpkin variety.*


You’ll need:

A large saucepan

13″x9″ baking dish

1/2 cup of cannabutter

4 cups of miniature marshmallows

5 cups of rice based cereal

1/4 cup of orange kool-aid

*Extra goodies like candy corn, m&ms, nuts, etc. can also be added if desired


Melt cannabutter in a large saucepan over low heat, being careful not to burn

Add marshmallows and stir until well mixed

Add kool-aid, mix, and let cook on low for another 2 minutes

Remove from heat

Add rice cereal and stir until rice is generously covered in marshmallow (can add additional treats here if you’d like just mix well)

Grease your hands with oil or butter (regular, not cannabutter)

Press mixture firmly into greased pan

Allow to cool completely

Cut into desired shape and serve alone or decorate with a chocolate sauce



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