All-In-One Smoking Kits

What is an All-in-one smoking kit? These all in one smoking kits will have everything you need in them to kick back and smoke some weed. We have picked smoking kits that are filled to the brim with accessories for the recreational smoker. If you are tired of losing your stuff then these kits will also be great for you. If you are unsure of what to buy to smoke some weed with, these kits will have everything you need. Most all in one smoking kits will have rolling papers, a small grinder, a one hitter, some with a glass pipe, and the case itself. You won’t find the best grinder or the best glass pipe in these smoking kits, but they should make do for the occasional smoker. These smoking kits are perfect for travelling or on the go, hikers and bikers find them especially helpful.

Here’s our picks for the best All-in-one Smoking Kits, freshly updated August 2017

Our top pick:

Perfect Pregame Smoker’s Kit


This smoking kit is packed full of accessories for the recreational smoker. It has a nice design that allows you to have all of your smoking equipment in place with room for extra. This is a great gift for any family or friends that are casual smokers. At only 8 x 6 it is great to pack in your backpack or purse and set out on an adventure. The grinder included gets the job done pretty well. This is the favored smoking kit of campers and hikers. This kit also includes a rolling machine, this allows you to roll evenly smooth joints every time with ease.

You can get it on Amazon HERE.

The Happy Kit


Not to big, not to small. The happy kit comes with an acrylic grinder, one hitter, rolling papers, filter tips, and the case which is about 4 and a half inches wide. It is a nice polished case for every recreational smoker. This smoking kit is great for a gift. This is a great value with a small price tag. I purchased this for a few friends and they were very happy with it. Very good smoking kit that fits right in your pocket. The happy kit has everything you need to get the job done.

You can get it on Amazon HERE.

High Roller Smoking Kit



This High Roller Smoking Kit is great to have handy for joint smokers. It has everything you need to roll a fatty and enjoy it. This smoking kit includes 2 sizes of rolling papers, a RAW joint roller, the poker chip stack grinder, 2 storage tubes, and the case itself. The case has mesh pockets so you can fit whatever you need in there, it is made out of quality black synthetic leather. You can carry anything valuable in this case and the storage tubes are great for keeping the buds in. Great for protecting from dust, and your gear from getting scratches.

You can get it on Amazon HERE.

If you want an all in one kit but want a high quality grinder to go with it make sure to check out our Best Grinders.


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