“Back to School”: Essentials Smoke Kit

As a new semester approaches you’ve probably already purchased your textbooks, dorm décor and the newest technology. Don’t forget, however, to pack an essentials smoke kit for your new year. No matter whose dorm, car or boring class you end up in you are, at the very least, able to get your smoke on.

We’ve put together a list of our favorite must haves for your essentials kit. With the student (and those with a student’s budget) in mind here are some affordable ideas to get you started!

The first and foremost of any essentials smoke kit should include your favorite glass pipe. You don’t have to pay a lot of money for a beautiful piece and can generally find them in your local head shop as well as some gas stations. Here are a couple of beautiful simple ladies for those not sure where they want to start.

“Lil Hitter” frosted spoon pipe – Dankstop 19.99

Rake Face Fumed Spoon Pipe – Dankstop – 19.99

Another important staple your smoke kit should include is an efficient grinder. Now I know that some prefer to use their hands and of course to each his own but if you’re short on time these can really come in handy between classes. We like these aluminum grinders as an essential starter. You CAN purchase some cheaper options made of plastic or perhaps wood but spending the few extra dollars is worth it because (in my experience) an aluminum grinder works much better, much longer.

40mm 2 part Aluminum Grinder – Grasscity – 7.99


56mm 4 part Aluminum Grinder – Grasscity – 19.99

Next on our list is essential if you’re interested in not exposing your habit to the world. These smell proof plastic bags are what any good stoner needs to keep your herb and its funk to yourself! We’ve listed 2 options for the adventurous and non adventurous!

10 Stink Sack 4×6 smell proof CLEAR bags – Milehighglasspipes – 7.99

Individual CAMO smell proof/water tight zipperbags – Grasscity – 1.59

Another item you’ll be happy to have packed and ready is a small tray to store your herb while you prepare a roll. This is going to give you peace of mind that you’re not dumping your last joint on the ground while trying to be clever. I hope you’re clever.. but I’m not. Here’s a couple of options that prove optimal for myself and all of you other clumsy potheads.

Small Mushroom Tray – Amazon – 5.99

JaJa Tin WITH Rolling Papers – Grasscity – 19.99

Noticeably missing from our list thus far is a secure convenient way to store all of these items. Considering travel size, security, smell check, and design we’ve chosen the MOTAA carrying case with lock. It comes in choices of army green or pink and is perfect for storing everything mentioned on our list. Leave in your backpack, car, and/or dorm for your smoking survival needs.

MOTAA smell proof carrying case with LOCK – Amazon – 35.99-39.99

Everything above should be exactly what you need for convenient smoking on a budget. We do have one more product that is not an essential BUT could provide very useful and will also fit easily in your storage case. The idea is you blow smoke in one end and clean air will come out the other after passing through a carbon filter, again an item for discretion.

Smoke Buddy Jr. Air Filter – Dankstop – 13.49

Leave a comment and tell us what you need in your Essentials Smoke Kit!

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