Best Bong and Pipe Cleaners

Nobody wants to smoke out of a dirty bong or a pipe, it tastes bad, it looks bad, and its just gross. Some people don’t mind using alcohol to clean there expensive pieces, but most of us want a premium cleaning product that is going to get rid of that resin quickly and get you back to smoking quicker. One of the hardest things is getting in a tight space to get out a chunk of resin. Don’t worry, we have hand chosen the best bong and pipe cleaners for 2017 and selected them for you. We will get you smoking nice clean hits in no time.

Here’s our picks for the Best Bong and Pipe Cleaners, freshly updated August 2017.

Our top pick:

Green Piece Cleaner


This is a earth friendly tar and resin remover. It is really easy to clean with this just run it through, let it sit a couple minutes then your glassware is squeaky clean. This comes with a 5 piece metal and nylon pipe cleaner key-chain that is a nice tool to have for getting in those tough spots. You can actually watch the tar and resin melt off when using this. This is a great bong cleaner as I have used it dozens of times and you can’t go wrong with it.

You can get it on Amazon HERE.


Orange Chronic Cleaner


The orange chronic cleaner gives immediate results without scrubbing or waiting. Its produced with all natural products such as oranges that give a nice scent of freshness. This has been known to also be able to clean rust stains! The orange freshness gives a nice flavor when smoking your first few bowls after cleaning it as well. If you need a reliable bong cleaner this one is for you. Very easy to use.

You can get it on Amazon HERE.

Grunge Off EZ Clean Pipe Cleaner


Grunge off ez clean pipe cleaner will keep your rigs clean with ┬áno problem. These will keep your bongs and pipes clean and ready to use at all times. This stuff is also re-usable, it will turn black but if it gets to gross you can run it through a few layers of cheesecloth. This is great for wax resin and dab resin. This is also good to use with titanium and acrylic along with glass. You need to soak it a bit longer with this Grunge off but it doesn’t disappoint.

You can get it on Amazon HERE.

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