Best Dab Torches

Over the years I have used a lot of torches. It can be confusing with so many different types and styles. With so many torches online you can easily blow a couple hundred dollars trying to find the best torch for dabs. Whether you are using a titanium nail, quartz, or ceramic, you are going to need some kind of blow torch to heat it up. We find that butane torches are the most common, but you might find that propane better suits your needs. When you are shopping for a torch you want to find a torch that is reliable and refillable. You might also want to get some extra Butane fuel refills because there is absolutely nothing worth then not having a light when you want to light a dab! If you are looking for the best torch for dabs, here it is.

Here is our top picks for the best torches for dabs, freshly updated August 2017

Our top pick:

Blazer GT8000 Big Shot


The stop for the search for the best torch for dabs ends here. I have used this torch for over a year and it is definitely the favorite among dab smokers. This torch is refillable with butane and lights for just over half an hour. The flame runs quieter then most other torches so it won’t attract attention when you don’t want it, not only is the flame near silent, you can also adjust the flame settings until you find the flame you want. The large base allows you to set it down without worrying about it falling over. This is our pick for the best dab torch.

You can get it on Amazon HERE.

Xpert Flame Torch

Originally a culinary torch, dabbers have taken alike to the Xpert Flame brand. This torch will heat any nail and get you dabbing in no time. This dab torch has a safety button that will prevent accidents, and give you peace of mind. It also comes with a fuel gauge window which lets you check how much butane you have left. If you want a good reliable dab torch this is the one for you. Great price and one of the best dab torches.

You can get it on Amazon HERE.

Newport dab torch

The brand newport is great and reliable for dab torches. This torch comes in multiple sizes but most prefer to have the larger torch because it can be used in any situation. This newport dab torch has many great features which make lighting up easy. You can adjust the flame as you please, and lock the flame on. The base of the torch is a pretty nice size, which prevents it from tipping over easily. You can get about 40 minutes burn time out of this torch with the large size and 30 minutes out of the smaller size. Great torch all around.

You can get it on Amazon HERE.

R Series Mega Torch

Very nice dab torch from the company SToK FYR. If you are looking for a not to pricey all around torch then this is the one for you. This dab torch has about 40 minutes of use in it and is very easily refilled. It carries basic features such as flame adjustion and child safety lock. This is one of the best torch for dabs I have personally used and comes with a great pricetag. R series mega torch is one of the best dab torches, it is portable and powerful, you can’t go wrong.

You can get it on Amazon HERE.


SE MT3001 Deluxe Butane Power Torch


Many of my friends use this torch for hiking. You can use this torch for up to 60 minutes when fully filled. This might not be the best dab torch but its a great torch to have for outdoor activities because you don’t have to worry to much about it getting broken. This torch has most features you will find on most, coming with an adjustable flame and a lock. Flame is very stable even when turned sideways.

You can get it on Amazon HERE.



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