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What is a grinder? A weed grinder is a device designed to cut the bud into nice, evenly ground bits. Because weed buds are typically large, dense, and sticky, they must be properly prepared prior to being smoked. While it is possible to break up bud with your fingers, most prefer the help of a grinder. Should you buy a weed grinder? ABSOLUTELY, you cannot roll great joints or smoke slow burning bowls without one and they don’t have to break the bank! This means that you are given more control over how quickly (or slowly), and smoothly it burns. Using herb in this manner, especially through a water pipe or bubbler, can greatly help you conserve your stash. If you have one the best weed grinder’s it can actually SAVE you money.

There are a ton of weed grinders on the market right now and hundreds of brands, so it can be confusing to find the right one. It’s hard to know if the teeth are a good cut, if the metal quality is good, and if it has the perks you want. We went ahead and did the work for you and narrowed it down to the best weed grinder deals.  If you want the best value and the best weed grinders then this is the right place. We have gathered and chosen the top 5 grinders right now.

Here’s our picks for the best weed grinders you can buy, freshly updated August 2017.

Our Top pick for the Best Weed Grinder :

Phoenician Herbal Grinder


If you aren’t on a budget then this is the weed grinder for you.  This grinder isn’t the cheapest but it comes with extra perks that might make it worth your dollar. The lid has a built in rolling paper holder and ashtray, great for people who smoke joints a lot. It captures a lot of pollen and grinds your weed with ease with its strong, sharp teeth. Very user friendly in terms of time and energy to grind up your buds. This grinder locks tightly and is quite large so it grinds a good amount of weed at once. I own this grinder and I don’t regret paying the extra few dollars, high quality and great for veteran smokers. This is probably the best grinder for kief collecting. With how high quality this is we rank this the best weed grinder you can buy.

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Space Case Grinder


Space case has to be one of the best grinders out there. This grinder will not disappoint you. Made out of aluminum, you can be sure to trust this. Has a good kief catcher on it and is ideal for a serious smoker. You can easily grind an ounce of weed in minutes with this grinder. The space case grinder has been known to stay sharp longer then any other on the market. There is really nothing bad to say about the space case grinder, it is top of the line and will last for years. They also went ahead and put a lifetime warranty on it, so if something does go wrong, they will replace it right away. One of the best weed grinders.

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Santa Cruz Shredder

Say no more. The Santa Cruz Shredder was designed just for patients of medical marijuana. With the case being anodized it makes it durable to any scratch keeping it a clean, shiny look after plenty of ounces. This grinder is high quality and will always give you a satisfying outcome.  It provides a really buttery smooth grind with a very fluffy end product. Its a bit pricier then cheaper weed grinders for a reason.  Overall, it is a very nice piece that performs on an exceptional level and I doubt you’ll ever need to replace it.

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Cali Crusher Herb Grinder


Makes a beautiful little consistent size grind every time. Even if you don’t have the best of the best to grind at the time it will still break everything down perfectly for your use. Compared to the pricier grinders like the phoenician and the space case, this is a great value. If you want an excellent value, then I suggest you get this. Not a very big grinder but will do great for casual smokers. Better than a lot that look very similar, the quality is just superior. Obviously there are better ones out there, but for the price you really can’t ask for more (except for another inch). Great weed grinder for the price, would recommend.

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Mendo Mulcher


The Mendo Mulcher is affordable and offers similar features as the higher end grinders. . This grinder is not recommended for everyday smokers as it is quite small. It isn’t a big grinder but it will last you a long time. It is made of high quality products and anodized to give it that nice finish. Also, there is a lot of sharp teeth in this which makes it quite easy to turn and grind. We recommend this grinder to any occasional smokers.

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