Best One Hitters

One hitters are a classic in the stoner community. They are great for beginners but also great for veteran smokers. One hitters are great for trying to remain stealthy. Most of them look like a cigarette(As long as somebody isn’t standing directly next to you), but some don’t. I will let you know the differences of these one hitters and how efficient they are. One hitters are also notoriously easy to hide, they can fit practically anywhere with the size being the same as about a cigarette. The efficiency of one hitters are great, and most people tend to get a lot higher off using a one hitter. The reason for that is because you are inhaling 100% of the smoke the whole hit. Pipes and joints will continue to burn even when you aren’t smoking it. So lets jump right into it and look at the best one hitters for smoking weed.

Heres our picks for the Best One Hitters, freshly updated August 2017.

Our top pick:


The Claw

The claw ranks at our best hitter because it is the classic with a extremely useful claw tipped design. The claw tipped design allows you to break your bud up and pack it in as simple as just twisting it. Very discreet one hitter as it still comes off as a cigarette from a little distance. The bowl is not huge but enough to pack a punch, one or two of these should get you feeling right. This is our choice for the best one hitter.

You can get it on Amazon HERE.

Green Godess One hitter

Looks just like a cigarette to anyone as long as they aren’t standing within 5 feet of you. Only 3 inches of length and little bit deeper then normal bowl that will have you feeling good in no time. This one hitter has a great air flow and is super easy to clean. This is a great reliable one hitter and will come in handy for any weed smoker far in wide. A must have for any stoners arsenal.

You can get it on Amazon HERE.


Mandala Crafts Cigarette Holder

If you want a bigger bowl out of a hitter then this is the one for you. Originally meant to be a cigarette holder this tool works great for smoking weed. The draw is really nice and the material is excellent. This is very easy to clean with a standard tooth pick being able to get out any blockages. These do break quite easily and not recommended for a clumsy person, otherwise this is a great one hitter with a big bowl.

You can get it on Amazon HERE.

Eternal Shades One Hitter

This one hitter isn’t to discreet as it comes with a trendy design that helps keep the smoke off of your fingers. Very popular for ladies with long fingernails. Comes with a great pricetag and is a lifesaver when your supply is running low. The bowl is a little small in this one hitter so it might be a good option for someone with a low tolerance.

You can get it on Amazon HERE.

One hitters get clogged after a few grams of weed has been smoked through them, check out our article on How to Clean Your One Hitter.

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