The Best Places To Hide Your Weed

With marijuana being more widely accepted, most smokers don’t have to worry about hiding there stash anymore. But there is a plethora of reasons you would want to hide your stash. Whether it be your parents looking around, a nosy landlord, roommates, or maybe the cops. You can put weed in a lot of places to stash it, but is it going to be hidden discreetly? Is it going to stink up the room it is in? We have put together the best places to hide your weed for you discreet smokers out there.

Hollowed Book

A hollowed book is great for an easy stash spot, simply carve out enough space in the pages to stash your weed. Stick it back in the bookshelf and it will be hidden in plain site. These are sold online here on amazon but are very easy to make yourself.

Diversion Safe Stash Can

These stash cans are great for throwing whoever is looking around off. You can keep these stash cans right in the open and nobody will be the wiser. These are famous among stealthy stoners and highly recommended. There is a few different styles of these stash cans, and you can pick your liking.

You can pick any of these up on Amazon


Under a plant

This is a pretty easy stash spot to make yourself. This stash spot will keep your buds hidden no matter where you place it, nobody will think twice. You can even use a regular potted plant and just bury it, make sure it is sealed though. You can see how to make it here.

Old Clothes Pockets

Find an old shirt or pants with pockets, and just stick your stash in there. If someone is snooping around in there they may smell it, but nobody is going to see it. You may want to get smell proof bags. Stick it under some other clothes or bury it in your closet and your good. Bonus points if it has a zipper.

False bottom on a dresser

Pick one of the bottom drawers that are deeper so the change in depth won’t be obvious. Cut 1/4-in. plywood 1/16 in. smaller than the opening and place it on a couple strips of wood that are glued or nailed to the sides of the drawer. Glue another item to the bottom so you have a handle to lift it up afterwards. Great diversion spot.

Computer tower

Most everyone has a computer tower around the house. Every computer towers side is simply held on by 2 screws in the back. Unscrew those screws and put your smoking kit in there and it will be fully concealed. Make sure to not have the computer turned on and do not place your stash on any hardware. You do not want to break your computer or start a fire.

Paint Can


Find a paint can that has little to no paint left in it, wash it out a little and you have a stash can. You should keep the wet paint look at the top to make it look like it still has paint in it to avoid being thrown out. Toss it back with the other paint cans and no one will be the wiser.

How to deal with the Smell

Dealing with the smell of weed will be another issue. If someone is seriously snooping around or looking for your weed they will be sniffing to and will likely find it. Having a smell proof bag, tube, or box will help a great deal when it comes to hiding your weed. If you are serious about stashing your weed, then one of these are a must.

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