Best Wooden Stash Boxes For Weed

A wooden stash box is great for the mature smoker who doesn’t have to worry about there stash being touched. If you just want a spot to store your weed and keep it fresh then a wooden stash box is the right purchase for you. The stash box came about when people needed to keep there cigars fresh. Naturally when marijuana became more popular people needed to keep that fresh to. Eyes are drawn to a nicely grafted wooden stash box and the premium quality goods that are inside. These boxes might not be fully smell proof but they are great for storage. You might remember your father or grandfathers cigar box, continue the tradition by having your own.

Our top pick:

Hakuna Original Black Wooden Stash Box

This sophisticated and stylish black wooden stash box is great for the classy smoker. This wooden stash box is on the pricier side but it is a bit larger then the others and has dividing compartments on the inside. Also included with this stash box is a stash jar and a grinder. The stash jar included will help keep the smell of the weed down. The hakuna grinder included isn’t the best grinder but its decent for a casual smoker. You can easily open and shut this stash box with the 2 strong magnets and it will not open up if dropped. Very reliable wooden stash box, you can easily make a hidden compartment stash box with the dividers. Great buy.

You can get the Hakuna Original Black Wooden Stash Box HERE on Amazon.

Raw Rolling Wood Box Magnetically Sealed

Raw is a famous brand among smokers and most would probably know them from there rolling papers. This rolling box is great to roll your joints on with the rolling trough in tray, and store your weed and gear in later. This wooden stash box is big enough to fit a grinder, a pipe, papers,  and about an ounce of weed. This wooden stash box is great quality and the magnets are very strong inside.

You can get the Raw Rolling Wood Box HERE on Amazon.

XL Doobie Man Wooden Stash Lock Box


This wooden stash box comes with a great stain and finish and a lock, stash jar, small grinder and stash tin included. For smokers who want to keep there stash locked up when they step out for that peace of mind this box is great. Great stash box for the everyday smoker and comes with everything you need. Very high quality and a good wooden stash box for weed.

You can get the XL Doobie Man Wooden Stash Lock Box HERE on Amazon.



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