Best Wooden Weed Grinders

Wooden herb grinders are a classic in the smoking community and mostly used among older smokers as it is what they are used to. The downsides of having a wooden weed grinder is that you can potentially get wood shavings in your weed, and it won’t have a kief/crystal catcher. A great upside to wooden grinders is that they are come really cheap in price compared to 4 piece metal grinders. If you are a smoker that doesn’t want to invest upwards of 50 dollars on a high quality grinder then a wooden grinder is the perfect fit for you. We have went ahead and found the top 3 wooden weed grinders for your convenience.

Here is our picks for the best wooden weed grinders on the market

Our top pick:

RYOT 2 Piece Square Rosewood Grinder

This ryot 2 piece square rosewood grinder is the perfect wooden grinder. Additionally, this grinder comes with a beautiful rosewood body, steel teeth, and a magnetic closure. This is one of the only wooden grinders with a magnetic closure included, assuring you don’t lose your weed when you accidentally drop your grinder. All in all, this is a great wooden weed grinder and has been in use for over a hundred years. Very reliable.

You can get the RYOT 2 Piece Square Rosewood Grinder HERE on Amazon.

DIG Engraved Premium Natural Wooden Grinder

If you want a great wooden grinder with a design on it, then this is the one for you. This wooden grinder made by the company DIG has a laser cut design and a mesh screen to filter pollen. The mesh screen will allow you to collect kief when grinding up your herb. Also included with this grinder is a velvet pouch to store it in and a scraper. This is a pretty small grinder and some weed shavings are to stubborn to get out, but you get what you pay for when it comes to grinders.

You can get the DIG Engraved Premium Natural Wooden Grinder HERE on Amazon.

PipeMagic Wooden Herb Grinder

This is a fairly small wooden grinder but comes with strong teeth. This grinder grinds very easily and it does its job very well. It will not hold a ton of weed in it so if you smoke more then casually you might want a bigger grinder. The more weed you stuff into this makes it easier to grind. Over time the nails inside will become bent, but it should hold together for quite some time and is great for the cheap price.

You can get the PipeMagic Wooden Herb Grinder HERE on Amazon.


Looking for a higher quality grinder?

If you are looking for a grinder that will last you a lifetime, allow you to collect kief, be reliable, and potentially save you money then make sure to check out these High Quality 4 piece metal grinders. 

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