Where Can I Buy a Grinder?

Chances are you are here because you want to know where you can purchase a weed grinder. A weed grinder is a great investment because it will save you time, effort, and help you conserve your stash. Weed grinders are sold by many retailers throughout the US . Finding the right weed grinder for yourself can be a bit of a hassle but we can help ease that. We will let you know where you can purchase a grinder, how much a grinder will typically cost, and the different types of grinders.

Where to buy a grinder


Amazon is by far the best place to buy a weed grinder and a lot simpler,cheaper, reliable then getting one from ebay or a headshop. Amazon has the widest selection of grinders out of any retailer and you won’t have any hassle finding and ordering the right one. If you are looking for a list of high quality pot grinders that will last you a lifetime, make sure to check out our picks for the Best Grinders.

Our top pick for Weed grinders is the Space Case

Get a Weed Grinder Here :

Large (High Price Range)

Medium (Medium Price Range)

Small (Low Price Range) – No Kief Catcher

Local Head Shop


Going to your local head shop is also an option when looking to buy a grinder. The downsides to going to a local head shop is that the items are usually marked up in price and there won’t be as wide of a selection. The good thing about going to a head shop is you will be supporting a local business and could have a grinder same day.

If you need somewhere to stash your grinder make sure to check out our picks for the Best Stash Cases for weed.


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