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How To Tell If You Have Laced Weed

  Detecting laced weed is crucial if you don’t want to end up smoking it. This is extremely rare but there can be a few reasons why someone would lace your weed. It is also common that people think the weed they have is laced, but it is just moldy. But, if you are purchasing

How To Make an Ice Bong

If you already are an expert in making homemade smoking then tools this is a great project. This bong will give you an icey cool hit and is great for parties. It is best to only use it for about 10 minutes and stick it back in the freezer. This can take a few hours

How to Smoke Wax or Shatter Without a Rig

Wax gets you super high and is a lot of fun. When you have a nice chunk of wax or shatter and nothing to toke it with can be a little frustrating. Usually wax and shatter are smoked from a oil or dab rig. But if you don’t smoke wax or shatter that often you

How To Smoke Weed Without Coughing

You were never actually “taught” how to breathe. Breathing is an unconscious process that occurs more then 20000 times a day. Breathing doesn’t only affect how you feel, but it plays a big role in how you inhale smoke properly. Nobody likes coughing up a lung and being teary eyed just trying to get your

How to Roll a Backwards Joint (Inside out)

Bored of the standard joint? This backwards joint makes for a cool party trick and is great to smoke. It is really easy and all you will need for this is your rolling papers, lighter, and a filter. This simple joint rolling method might be your go to for session after session, give it a

How to Clean a One Hitter

Almost every weed smoker has a one hitter. They are practical and useful for on the go situations. After smoking a couple grams through your one hitter you will start to get a resin build up. You should clean it when it is harder to get air through it by inhaling. Failing to clean your

How to Collect Kief

  To collect Kief you are going to need a 4 piece grinder with a kief catcher. You can check out our picks for the Best Grinders, each of these have a special compartment on the bottom to collect kief. When you are grinding your buds with the teeth in the top chamber the broken

How To Make a Paracord Pipe Bracelet

Great for hikers, campers, and for anyone who loves the outdoors, the Paracord pipe bracelet. This is a military item with a stoner twist on it. The paracord pipe bracelet is discreet enough that you can bring it practically anywhere without it being noticed. If you don’t want to have to worry about losing your

How To Clean a Grinder

If you want to get your moneys worth out of your new grinder you are going to want to care for it. Cleaning your grinder requires a little amount of time and attention and can make the process of cleaning a lot easier. Following these easy tips will make grinding your weed a lot easier

How To Make a Honey Bear Bong

So your at home with a sack of weed and don’t got a smoking piece. Luckily over time stoners have gotten creative and come up with plenty of ways to make bongs and pipes. Maybe you just have a honey bear bottle laying around that you want to put to use. We put together this