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The Best Places To Hide Your Weed

With marijuana being more widely accepted, most smokers don’t have to worry about hiding there stash anymore. But there is a plethora of reasons you would want to hide your stash. Whether it be your parents looking around, a nosy landlord, roommates, or maybe the cops. You can put weed in a lot of places

Why Does Weed Make You Tired?

Weed is used by many people all over the world as a natural sleep aid. But does anyone actually know why weed makes you tired? Most people who have smoked weed have experienced being tired after smoking or falling asleep on the couch for 10 hours. It can differ from person to person, time of

Remedies For a Marijuana Induced Panic Attack

Weed usually mellows us out and makes us happy. But marijuana also has a direct connection to panic attacks. Pot can be very physically relaxing and mentally distracting, leaving some people that are more anxious to feel more vulnerable. Your body has a response to this, because on some level you feel like you are in

Why You Should Use a Grinder For Your Weed

It doesn’t matter how good you are at rolling, making the perfect joint is almost impossible without a grinder. What is a grinder? A weed grinder is a device designed to cut the bud into nice, evenly ground bits. Because weed buds are typically large, dense, and sticky, they must be properly prepared prior to being smoked.

10 Best Weed Strains For Partying

With your friends, great music, cooler full of your favorite drinks, the only thing that can make this party better is some weed. It will enhance your experience and get that party going. But, with so many strains, which one should you grab at the dispensary before hitting up a festival this weekend? There is

Best One Hitters

One hitters are a classic in the stoner community. They are great for beginners but also great for veteran smokers. One hitters are great for trying to remain stealthy. Most of them look like a cigarette(As long as somebody isn’t standing directly next to you), but some don’t. I will let you know the differences

Best New Weed Gadgets On the Market in 2017

For those stoners looking for best new weed gadgets and weed gear this is the place for you. The weed industry is getting bigger every year, so does the demand for products that simplify or make the smoking experience better. There is a lot of useless products out there as well, but there is also

Birthday Cards for Stoners

Birthday wishes definitely add cheer to your friends or loved ones birthday. Getting that right birthday card will make that stoner in your life feel all the more special. All of these birthday cards are made from pure hemp, made for stoners, by stoners! Your friends will be delighted when they receive these high-quality Californian produced