Chillum with bats

Of course we’re not referring to the cute little blood suckers, they probably don’t enjoy a good toke. We want to talk about one hitters; chillums & bats! Most are pretty small, so discretion is what leads many true stoners to carry one of these around. Don’t have one in your collection yet?  We have some very affordable, must haves below. These are quite popular so if they are out of stock keep checking, most of our favorite merchants re-stock in a timely manner. If not we will always be searching for the newest, sickest pieces!



Large metal cigarette bat (small also offered) – 1.25



Cheech & Chong’s “Up in smoke” bat/dugout combo – – 19.99



Aluminum bat/dugout combo – – 23.99



Adonized bat (2 sizes, multi colors) – – 4.79



RYOT Acrylic one hitter with digger tip (muli colors) – – 6.79


Mini black “taster” – – 22.40



Brown Eyeball One hitter – – 11.99



“Sweet Eclaire” Chillum – – 69.00



“Worked Lady” Chillum – -45.00



Textured green glass chillum – – 27.99

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