How To Clean a Grinder

If you want to get your moneys worth out of your new grinder you are going to want to care for it. Cleaning your grinder requires a little amount of time and attention and can make the process of cleaning a lot easier. Following these easy tips will make grinding your weed a lot easier and a breeze. Your herb will taste better and the grinder will work better. The life of the grinder also has to due with the quality of the materials, you can see our article on the Best Grinders. We will get your grinding back looking fresh in no time.


How to get the gunk out of your grinder

First I start off with getting a toothbrush I have especially for this and just brushing all of the excess herb out of the grinder. The way I choose to chips of concentrated weed out of my grinder is by using a guitar pick. Its not strong enough that its going to chip the metal and give you metal shavings but it will have enough power to scrape everything off and get into those tight spaces. If you don’t want to smoke the concentrated herb and just want to clean it then boiling it is great or freezing. After boiling or freezing you can take your toothbrush from earlier and the chips on the inside should fall right off.

Final steps


Before you use your, make sure to clean off all of the individual parts with isopropyl alcohol using a Q-tip, make sure to get in all the hard to reach spaces. After you have done that rinse it with warm water then allow it to dry completely. If you are using an acrylic grinder or want a natural cleaner we recommend using a bong or pipe cleaner or just some soap and water.



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