How To Make a Honey Bear Bong

So your at home with a sack of weed and don’t got a smoking piece. Luckily over time stoners have gotten creative and come up with plenty of ways to make bongs and pipes. Maybe you just have a honey bear bottle laying around that you want to put to use. We put together this 5 step guide on how to make a honey bear bong to get you back to smoking in no time.


What you will need

Honey Bear Bottle (Emptied and cleaned)


X-acto Knife




Step 1

Take the pen apart because we are only using the barrel (outer casing of the pen) as our shaft for the airflow. You can do this by using a pair of pliers and simply pulling the tip of the pen and removing the ink cartridge, do the same for the cap on the top.

Step 2

You will want to construct a bowl to put on top of the pen barrel. The term “bowl” is literal. Make a bowl on the pen but make sure it has some holes poked in the bottom of the tinfoil to allow air to pass through. If you have your own bowl you can place it on the pen barrel using tinfoil to hold it together.

Step 3

Use your lighter and soften the plastic in the mid section of the bear to prepare to cut. Don’t burn it to much just enough so the knife can easily cut through. Carefully use your X-acto knife and carve a hole in the mid-section of the honey bear bottle to put the barrel of the pen in, make sure it is tight because you don’t want air slipping through as it will give you a weak hit. Make sure to place the pen in downwards at about a 45 degree angle to make sure it is nearly touching the bottom.

Step 4

Add water through the top of the honey bear bottle. You want enough water to filter the hit but not enough that you will get a mouth full when you release. I recommend filling it about an inch high, about the half way point between the hole in the bottle and the bottom.

Step 5

Smoke a bowl and enjoy. You can mess with the water levels for your liking and the airflow with your first few hits.



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