How To Make an Ice Bong

If you already are an expert in making homemade smoking then tools this is a great project. This bong will give you an icey cool hit and is great for parties. It is best to only use it for about 10 minutes and stick it back in the freezer. This can take a few hours to make but the payoff is great, follow these simple steps to make an ice bong.

What you will need

  • duct tape
  • two large bowls
  • two small bowls
  • frying pan
  • screwdriver
  • torch or lighter
  • frozen shot glass mold
  • downstem, and a bowl

We used a piece of bamboo for the downstem, our bowl fit it and you have to use what you got. Be creative or just use your existing downstem.


Now you are going to want to fill the large bowls with water, but make sure to leave enough room to place the smaller bowls on top.

Place your duct tape over the bowls in a t shape with the smaller bowl underneath so it holds it down. Get it as close to the center as possible. Stick your bowls in the freezer.

Smoke Chamber(neck)

Shot glass molds are great for the neck(smoke chamber) of the bong, you can find these molds at most dollar stores. Fill these up almost to the top so they freeze into hollow pieces.

Keep those shot glass molds in the freezer until completely frozen.


Do this same process again! You can keep the other molds in the freezer in the meantime. Make the neck as long as you want, but the longer it is the more unstable it will be.

Put your pan on the stove on medium heat and flatten the bottom of your shot glass mold pieces.

While these are dampened from flattening on the pan, place them together until they form with each other, spray bottle helps with this to.

Repeat it with your other molds. Place them back in the freezer to harden up again.


Its time for the base of your ice bong, take your bowls out of the freezer and remove the big bowls from around the ice. This can be a little tricky but just run some warm water around the edges if you need to. For the smaller bowl you can also just pour some warm water inside to melt it out.

How they look when the bowls are removed.

Flatten the top of your bowls to flatten them.

Now they are looking crisp

Now place both of your ice bowls together until they don’t slide apart, you can use gloves if it is to cold, it should only take a few seconds. Use your spray bottle to help fill in the gaps.

Place this ice ball in the freezer until it hardens.

Now its time to start carving a hole for your smoke chamber, use your lighter or torch to heat up the head of a screwdriver or metal object and just melt your way in. Don’t apply to much pressure because you don’t want it breaking after all that hard work, just take your time.

Takes a while, getting there.

Breakthrough! Make sure this is not wider then the inner dimensions of your smoke chamber.

  Time for the downstem hole, do this hole on an angle using the same process.

Slowly shape it into the size of your downstem, again, take your time with this.

I emphasized on taking your time and this is why, we made ours a little to big and needed to fill the hole with some paper towel. You can use your water spray bottle to fill in the gaps, just spray and toss in the freezer. Repeat that a few times until it is completely sealed shut without any help.

Now this ice bong is starting to shape up, you can flatten the edges of your smoke chamber again if you need to, just place these together and spray some water to fuse them. Fill in any holes with your water bottle as well.

There you have it, the ice bong!

Time to test this bad boy, great bong with a nice icey hit. This is sure to get you and your friends blasted.


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