How To Make a Paracord Pipe Bracelet

Great for hikers, campers, and for anyone who loves the outdoors, the Paracord pipe bracelet. This is a military item with a stoner twist on it. The paracord pipe bracelet is discreet enough that you can bring it practically anywhere without it being noticed. If you don’t want to have to worry about losing your smoking piece when you aren’t near civilization then this is for you. This should take about half an hour to make and gives you a great sense of reward once completed.


What you will need

Basic metal pipe that has screw off pieces

(Mouthpiece, cap, bowl)


Plastic tubing

(Enough to fit around your wrist)

Crazy glue


(2 Pieces, 10 feet in length each)

Get Started On Your Paracord Pipe Bracelet

Step 1

To start off you are going to want to unscrew the bowl and mouthpiece off of your basic metal pipe. When you have detached those get your plastic tubing and cut it. The length you should cut should be the size around your wrist, with about a quarter of an inch of slack room to make room for the paracord. After you have cut your plastic tubing attach the mouthpiece and bowl on both ends using as little crazy glue as you can but make sure it is air tight on both ends.

Step 2

For the paracord pipe bracelet we are going to use either a solomon stitch along with a few cows hitchs. You will want to start off with some extra paracord material because you can always cut it afterwards, I recommend starting at about 10 feet long in each piece just to be sure. For starting we use a solomon stitch. Do a solomon stitch around the top of the tubing under the bowl. It should look like this at this point.


You can put a couple dabs of crazy clue to keep it up tight against the bowl and to conceal the plastic. Continue doing the solomon stitch all the way down the plastic tubing, make sure to keep pushing up on the knot to get it nice and tug and keep the plastic discreet. You should keep putting a few dabs of crazy glue every few stitches to keep it tight and connected to the plastic tubing.


Step 3

When you are nearing the mouthpiece on the end you are going to want to make a few cows stitches on each side to extend past the mouthpiece. Make sure to keep both sides even and your knots tight and secure.

After doing the cows stitches on each side and having the knot tight continue doing solomon stitches past the mouthpiece. Your mouthpiece will be pushed to one side or the other but it won’t be important because the braid will push it inward while wearing it keeping it nice and discreet. When you have came to the length you want, which might only be a couple solomon stitches past the mouthpiece, use the 2 inner pieces of paracord and stick those into the cap of the bowl. Push it up tightly against your solomon stitch.

To make the knot tight inside of the cap you will cut off the excess and burn them and use something small to push it down as tight as possible. You can use crazy glue to hold it in. If you use crazy glue to hold it in make sure you don’t crazy glue the screw in part. You want the knot tight so you can screw onto your bowl when completed. With the extra 2 strings off to the side, make a knot so it is extra right then cut off the excess string. You can also burn this a little to conceal it and dab some crazy glue on the knot to keep it in place better.

Step 4

Enjoy using your new paracord pipe bracelet! You deserve it after all the hard work. Make sure to check out our picks for Best grinders and All in one Smoking kits.

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