How To Make a Paracord Pipe Bracelet

Great for hikers, campers, and for anyone who loves the outdoors, the Paracord pipe bracelet. This is a military item with a stoner twist on it. The paracord pipe bracelet is discreet enough that you can bring it practically anywhere without it being noticed. If you don’t want to have to worry about losing your

How To Clean a Grinder

If you want to get your moneys worth out of your new grinder you are going to want to care for it. Cleaning your grinder requires a little amount of time and attention and can make the process of cleaning a lot easier. Following these easy tips will make grinding your weed a lot easier

How To Make a Honey Bear Bong

So your at home with a sack of weed and don’t got a smoking piece. Luckily over time stoners have gotten creative and come up with plenty of ways to make bongs and pipes. Maybe you just have a honey bear bottle laying around that you want to put to use. We put together this

Best New Weed Gadgets On the Market in 2017

For those stoners looking for best new weed gadgets and weed gear this is the place for you. The weed industry is getting bigger every year, so does the demand for products that simplify or make the smoking experience better. There is a lot of useless products out there as well, but there is also

How To Not Smell Like Weed

Us stoners love the smell of weed, but we don’t necessarily wan’t ourselves, our car, or bedroom smelling like weed when we have company over. The smell of weed in your car is enough for a cop to search in a lot of states.  It doesn’t matter what your reason is, if you need to

Birthday Cards for Stoners

Birthday wishes definitely add cheer to your friends or loved ones birthday. Getting that right birthday card will make that stoner in your life feel all the more special. All of these birthday cards are made from pure hemp, made for stoners, by stoners! Your friends will be delighted when they receive these high-quality Californian produced

Best Dab Torches

Over the years I have used a lot of torches. It can be confusing with so many different types and styles. With so many torches online you can easily blow a couple hundred dollars trying to find the best torch for dabs. Whether you are using a titanium nail, quartz, or ceramic, you are going

Best Girly Grinders

If you have wanted a grinder, but want one that has your own girly flare to it, this is the spot for you. If you are a guy just looking for a gift for his girlfriend, she will love these if she is a smoker. We will be putting together all of the girly grinders

All-In-One Smoking Kits

What is an All-in-one smoking kit? These all in one smoking kits will have everything you need in them to kick back and smoke some weed. We have picked smoking kits that are filled to the brim with accessories for the recreational smoker. If you are tired of losing your stuff then these kits will

Best Bong and Pipe Cleaners

Nobody wants to smoke out of a dirty bong or a pipe, it tastes bad, it looks bad, and its just gross. Some people don’t mind using alcohol to clean there expensive pieces, but most of us want a premium cleaning product that is going to get rid of that resin quickly and get you