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We’ve previously done an all you need to know article on CBD Oil, so if you’re unfamiliar with the topic, you can catch up here. Our newest partnership comes after a personal trial from the boss man himself. The website we’re featuring specifically caters to your CBD oil needs, in different forms of ingestion and doses. Each product comes with its specific lab results that determine the purity and concentration, and we love full disclosure! If that’s not enough, their products are legal across ALL 50 STATES, making this available for everyone!!

*When considering how much of each to purchase remember to treat these products as you would other relief medications. Start off with a lower dose, and gradually work your way up. Ingestion of a pill will take longer and will be less potent once passing through your digestive system. The oil tincture is usually what most start with because you can purchase this in a lower potency and add on as needed. The vape option will be the quickest way the cbd oil can reach your bloodstream, and the topical treatments are spot specific so you can choose to soothe a specific area without the contents reaching your bloodstream at all.


**Full Spectrum vs. Regular CBD products: In this compound all cannabinoids are present including THC. It is an extremely low amount but could still potentially show up as a positive drug test. The “isolated” or “regular” compound contains purely CBD, no THC or other canniboids are present. When comparing, take a look at those lab results we mentioned. It will tell you everything you need to know about what you’re ingesting.



CBD Oil Tincture  200MG THC FREE Р17.99

FULL SPECTRUM Oil Tincture 500 MG – 34.99



CBD 750MG Capsules FULL SPECTRUM – 49.99 for 30 ct

CBD 750 MG Capsules THC FREE – 49.99 for 30ct



Disposable Pre Filled Vape Pen (50-100hits) – Several Flavors starting at 29.99



Muscle Gel  FULL SPECTRUM Р49.99

CBD Massage Oil – 24.99

CBD Lip Balm – 7.99



Don’t forget your fur babies!

CBD Pet Oil THC FREE 600mg (1-2months) – 59.99



Tell us how CBD oil has changed your life !

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