Smell Proof Stash Cases

Going on a weekend trip and need a container to protect and store your pipe and accessories? Worried the smells will stink up your bag or the room you’re in? Do you love to smoke but don’t want the whole world knowing that you just did? It brings unwanted attention and it doesn’t matter where it happens; at the club, at the mall, at a friends house. Everyone should have the option of keeping there stash private. We realized that people don’t always want to look, smell or have everyone know they smoke. Below are our hand picked smell proof stash cases.


Here’s our picks for the Best Smell Proof Stash Cases you can buy, freshly updated August 2017


Our top pick:

Skunk Travel Pro Smell Proof Case



This all in one storage case keeps your smoking accessories organized, waterproof, and KEEPS SMELLS IN. This will protect your smoking  accessories with the padded case. Fits rolling machine, papers, grinder, and more smoking items. Excellent item and a great bang for the buck. Case measures: 9.0 L x 8 W x 3.5 D in.  If you were already looking for a storage case, this is the one to get. I recommend this to any everyday smoker and anyone who wants to keep there stash safe!

You can get it on Amazon HERE.

Discreet Smoker – 7×6 Smell Proof Bag Dog Tested


Be discreet with this discreet smoker smell proof bag. The dimensions are 7×6 with them also offering a 11×9 so it could easily fit in a backpack, handbag, or even in your glove compartment.
You can store all your smoking accessories in here with ease using the double Velcro seal. The best part is it looks just like a pencil case. Also this bag has been said to be Dog tested by the creators.  With the highest grade activated carbon to hold in smells, you can’t go wrong with this.

You can get it on Amazon HERE.

 Kush Kaddie Hard Shell Vacuum Sealed Padded Container


This little caddy is awesome. It really does air-lock and has quite a bit of room inside. If you need a quick on the go storage case then this vacuum sealed container will do you good. With under 6 inches tall it can be stored just about anywhere. Fits just under 2 ounces in it. You can store this just about anywhere and not have it be noticed. Great discreet storage container for your weed and other smoking gear. We recommend this stash container to any occasional smoker as it can fit in your basic needs. This also comes in at the cheaper side.

You can get it on Amazon HERE.

SMOKESAFE Mini Smell Proof 5″ Odor Resistant Case


This case is quite small but will hold most smoking items, such as your pipe, papers, and good amount of bud with room to spare. It is a waterproof, airtight, and water resistance case so it is quite durable over time. It has rubber lining that seals the odors contained within the case and prevents them from escaping. At just under 6 inches this is great for travelling, you can easily carry it with 1 hand. It has been known to be smell proof even to dogs. I have used this for months now and it still doesn’t let any air out. There isn’t much other to say then that this is a great stash box.

You can get it on Amazon Here.

Axe Body Spray Diversion Safe Stash Can w HumanFriendly Smell-Proof Bag


Lets face it, nobody wants to touch that stinky can of axe, so this is a great diversion. Its a great way to hide your bud in plain site. You can place this stash can virtually anywhere because of how small it is, and it really is indistinguishable from the real thing. The can itself isn’t smell proof so you if you go with this option you might want to pick up a couple more HumanFriendly smell-proof bags. Our only problem is it is kind of useless without them if you are trying to hide your weed.

You can get it on Amazon HERE.



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