How To Smoke Weed Without Coughing

You were never actually “taught” how to breathe. Breathing is an unconscious process that occurs more then 20000 times a day. Breathing doesn’t only affect how you feel, but it plays a big role in how you inhale smoke properly. Nobody likes coughing up a lung and being teary eyed just trying to get your smoke on. We have put together the best information to teach you how to inhale weed smoke properly. Using this techniques will not only stop you from coughing, you will actually get higher from each hit!

First we should take a look at diaphragmatic breathing, also known as belly breathing. This technique was made to help you use your diaphragm correctly when inhaling or exhaling. Most people aren’t even using there diaphragm when breathing! Using this organ will help your body establish a more controlled breathing process and develop a muscle memory for inhaling smoke. There is exercises you can do at home yourself until it becomes natural.

What are you using to smoke?

When trying to figure out if you are finding it easy or difficult to inhale smoke without coughing, consider where the suction is coming from. You should know if you are taking the smoke directly to the lungs or into your mouth like a cigar. Both of these techniques work but are usually for different consumption methods. Smoking weed without coughing properly will differ between a joint and a pipe. It doesn’t matter how you like to smoke your weed, we will teach you how to properly smoke weed without coughing.

Inhale into mouth first

Inhaling into the mouth prior to inhaling into the lungs is highly recommended for joints, spliffs, and blunts. When doing this is will provide a more enjoyable, smoother hit of weed. If you have ever smoked a cigar you should be familiar with this process. You simply use your cheeks to inhale the smoke into your mouth first, then take a deep breath of air to force the smoke down your lungs with a mixture of fresh air. Doing this leaves you with a smooth, tasty hit that will lead to you coughing less.

Direct to lung inhale

When you are smoking out of a bong, pipe, or anything with a carburetor, you should inhale directly to your lungs. You won’t need to take that second breath for fresh air because the carburetor introduces fresh air with the same breath. With a bong you have the option of adding a diffuser. Diffusers are a good addition to your bong. It breaks up the smoke flow creating a bunch of tiny bubbles. The hit is just as steady, but the diffuser makes the smoke hit your lungs incredibly smooth and mild. For this reason, diffusers are great for smoking weed without coughing.

Take smaller hits

Nobody is going to laugh or make fun of you for not blowing out an atomic smoke cloud after every hit. Just chill out and start off with smaller hits, you will thank yourself later. Breathe in steadily and slowly until you reach a moderate amount of smoke in your lungs then release smoothly. You should be able to build up an endurance to smoking by doing this in no time.

Don’t hold in the smoke

Inhaling the smoke into your lungs is all you need to get high. Numerous studies have shown that you only need to have the smoke in your lungs for about 2 seconds to get the full affects. A steady in, steady out rhythm is better for your health and will help you smoke weed without coughing.

Don’t buy low grade marijuana

This is a huge reason why people cough, a bad batch of bud. Its low quality weed for a reason, usually packed with stems, seeds, or even old and dried out. Stems and seeds are notorious for tasting awful when inhaled with your buds so you want to remove those as much as possible. Having these in your weed will also make the smoke crazy harsh. Make sure to ask your dispensary salesman to recommend a good quality strain. Paying a little extra is worth it, you won’t be red faced coughing and it won’t ruin your experience.

Grind your weed

You are given more control over how quickly (or slowly), and smoothly it burns. There won’t be any inconsistencies in the hit and it can actually save you money. This also allows you to save up kief over time. Make sure to check out our article on the Best Grinders.


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