How To Tell If You Have Laced Weed


Detecting laced weed is crucial if you don’t want to end up smoking it. This is extremely rare but there can be a few reasons why someone would lace your weed. It is also common that people think the weed they have is laced, but it is just moldy. But, if you are purchasing from a not so trustworthy source, its best to know what to look for.

Why would somebody lace weed?

When weed is laced, its usually meant to be smoked by the person who laced it in the first place. There can be a variety of other reasons a person would want to mess with your weed. Your dealer could be trying to make the appearance of a low grade strain better. Forms of this are done with laundry detergent, and even cases of crushed glass. Another reason a person could be lacing your weed is to try and get you addicted on a more profitable substance. This can be done by your dealer adding cocaine or heroine. This would be done at a loss to the dealer, but it could be a market ploy in the long term and is something to look out for. Last but not least some dealers have also sprayed there weeds with skunk spray, cheese spray, or dipping into oregano to try and give it a more skunky smell and add weight.

How will laced weed effect me?

Laced weed will most likely give you the same high of whatever drug it is laced with. Weed laced with LSD and ACID will be destroyed by the heat of your lighter. If it is a pre rolled joint it could be transmitted through the filter. Some symptoms you might exhibit are vomiting, panic attack, loss of appetite, dizziness, increased heart rate, paranoia, delerium, trouble falling asleep, slurred speech, headaches, sore throat, trouble breathing, and nausea.

How to test for laced weed

Testing for hard drugs


Using a narcotic residue detection kit is the best way to see if your weed is laced. With this test you will be able to see within a moments notice if your weed is laced. You can get them very cheap on Amazon. If you don’t have time for that right now, I will let you know how to check by eye for different drugs. Cocaine laced weed will smell like diesel or ether, and can have a chemical like taste. Weed laced with heroine will smell like vinegar or rubber. PCP is harder to find but is also very rare when it comes to laced weed cases, it can have a chemical taste and smell.

Testing for laundry detergent

Its very simple to check if your weed is laced with laundry detergent, just take a small bud, place it in a small cup of water and swish it around. If it forms bubbles of soap then laundry detergent is present.

Testing for crushed glass

Just grab a bud that seems like it has to many big crystals and slide it across a glass surface or CD, if it forms scratches unlike regular weed would then there is crushed glass in your weed.

Checking for fuel/perfume additives

To check if there is fuel or perfume added to your weed to make it seem more high quality, hold a bud over a flame, a fuel or perfume soaked bud will flare up immediately.

Do a some research before buying

These are very simple steps to follow when you aren’t buying from a reputable source. Never buy weed that is already grinded up, because you never know what else has been added. If your dealer won’t let you check out the buds or smoke a bowl with you, stay away from it. If they want to offer you harder drugs then keep your eyes open. In the end its about knowing how to trust your instincts and use your eyes and nose to check. If you are unsure and don’t want to risk it then just throw the weed away, it isn’t worth ending up in a hospital. With legalization sweeping through North America you will never have to deal with crappy dealers.

This isn’t something you should be completely paranoid over, it is an extremely rare occurrence except for personal use. Most weed lacing hype is built up by the media as a scare tactic, in my opinion. I have been smoking for 20 years and have never came across laced weed.

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