Top 3 Large Weed Grinders For the Heavy Smokers

For the people who love their weed and smoke all day everyday, a large weed grinder is perfect for you. It can get annoying grinding up weed after every blunt, with these large herb grinders you can grind enough herb to last you all day. A large grinder will also increase your kief (crystal) yield as you will have more weed stored inside longer thus allowing more kief to fall through the pollen catcher over time. There is a bunch of grinder brands on the market right now and it can be tough to find the perfect one for you so we are here to help narrow down that search. If you are a heavy smoker then an large or extra large grinder is a great investment for your time, energy, and can even save and help you manage your bud.

Our top picks:

Phoenician Herbal Grinder – Large 4 Piece w/ Papers Holder

If you aren’t on a budget then this is the weed grinder for you.  It isn’t cheap but it comes with extra perks that might make it worth your dollar. The lid has a built in rolling paper holder and ashtray, great for people who smoke joints a lot.  Very user friendly in terms of time and energy to grind up your buds. This grinder locks tightly and is quite large so it grinds a good amount of herb at once. I own this grinder and I don’t regret paying the extra few bucks, high quality and great for veteran smokers. This is the best grinder for kief collecting. With how high quality this is we rank this the best large weed grinder you can buy.

You can get the Phoenician Herbal Grinder HERE on Amazon.

Santa Cruz Shredder Large 4 piece


The large Santa Cruz shredder is used by Wiz Khalifa who goes through $10,000 of bud a month so you know right there it is a high quality grinder. This large grinder will never need to be replaced and if you do happen to somehow break a screen you can buy replacements very cheap. Affordable yet top of the line grinder, Highly recommended.

You can get the Santa Cruz Shredder HERE on Amazon.

SPACE CASE Large Grinder 4 piece


Made out of high quality aluminum the space case is a grinder you can trust. Ideal large grinder for a heavy smoker, with a great kief catcher included. The space case is known to stay sharper longer then any other grinder on the market. This grinder comes along with a lifetime warranty and is definitely one of the best large weed grinders.

You can get the SPACE CASE Large Grinder 4 piece HERE on Amazon.


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