Why Does Weed Make You Tired?

Weed is used by many people all over the world as a natural sleep aid. But does anyone actually know why weed makes you tired? Most people who have smoked weed have experienced being tired after smoking or falling asleep on the couch for 10 hours. It can differ from person to person, time of day, and even mood. The way marijuana influences sleep in people is really complicated and is far off from being understood, but many papers have been written about it. There is a couple chemical compounds in your weed that give you the feeling of being sleepy. Along with the amount of strains there is it can have a major role to play on how tired it makes you. It is well known that weed gives you a small hangover type feeling making you less alert and drowsy when waking up. We will try to help you understand why weed makes you tired.

Chemical compounds

Plenty of chemical compounds in your weed engage with cells in the your body. It’s with this synergy that weed yields sedative effects. One chemical compound you will find in weed that makes you tired is THC. THC links with cell receptors in your body that control your sleeping cycle. If you are smoking dabs, and the THC is concentrated, it will be more of an uplifting high with a lower dose. When you are just smoking regular bud, you will get the sleepy effects more. For some people THC will give you an instant energy boost, then you will sleepy as your high starts to come down. Opposed to alcohol, after a meal or some rest you will be feeling back to normal. Another chemical compound found in marijuana is myrcene. This compound is what can give weed a fruity aroma. Myrcene can also be found in hops, basil, mangoes, and thyme. This chemical compound has been said to be the main reason weed can make you tired. Studies have suggested that this chemical compound actually makes you higher. Evidence says that eating a mango can actually get you higher because of the high myrcene levels that help overpass the blood-brain barrier. Other chemical compounds in some strains of weed that have been known to make you tired are limonene, and linalool.


It has been argued that the chemical compound myrcene is what differentiates indica plants from sativas. Indica herb will always contain more myrcene then sativas. This has to do with why sativas give you a more uplifting high and indicas make you more laid back. You won’t find myrcene levels labeled on your cannabis that you get from the dispensary, but its safe to assume that those skunky indicas will give you a good dose of sleepiness. Some great indicas for making you tired are purple kush, northern lights, and granddaddy purple. If you aren’t trying to feel tired, check out some more uplifting strains.

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