How to Collect Kief


To collect Kief you are going to need a 4 piece grinder with a kief catcher. You can check out our picks for the Best Grinders, each of these have a special compartment on the bottom to collect kief. When you are grinding your buds with the teeth in the top chamber the broken up buds fall onto the screen and any loose crystals and kief will fall through the screen into the kief collector. After having your buds sitting on the screen for a while there should be some kief at the bottom of your grinder. Its best to save this up for a while for a good sesh.


If you really want to maximize your kief yield, use these simple steps listed below. This is handy when making pressed hash, or for just saving your kief for a rainy day.


Step 1:

Freeze your herb for a half an hour before grinding will also help kief come off of the bottom compartment easier. However freezing your buds will change the taste of your smoke, and will not effect the THC content.

Step 2:

When grinding your weed, turn your grinder upside down for a few turns. This is to make sure your weed is ground the whole way through (NOTE: this does not produce optimal smoking consistency, it creates a powdery herb that dries quickly and compresses easily, very bad to roll, very good for kief). Make sure you hold onto the grinder tightly. If you slip your grinder will open and your weed will scatter all over the floor. Magnetic grinders are good for dealing with that problem.

Step 3:

Clean a coin with some dishsoap, you don’t want any oils on the coin because it will bing with the kief and make the kief stick onto the coin. Take a coin and drop it in your bud collection chamber (middle tray). After you’ve ground your weed, shake the grinder a little bit in a circular motion, sliding the coin around the bottom. It will easily roll around the inside of the grinder, sliding across your kief screen. This technique pushes more kief crystals through the screen, and agitates the ground herbs to release more ‘pollen’. I prefer using a dollar coin for this method, but a quarter will do the trick.

Step 4:

After you have done this, the last trick is to tap your grinder flat against a table or your leg or palm. The impact of this loosens kief caught in the screen and collects your kief neatly in the tray. This also helps prevent getting that hash gunk buildup around your grinder making it sticky and harder to grind.



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